INADEQUACY IN BREAKFAST HABIT AMONGST THE PEOPLE Breakfast is the most prominent meal of the day! A good breakfast bestows you the power to start your morning and has been shown to improve cognitive performance in the classroom, function properly on supplement intake, endorse digestive health, order to develop physical and mental wellbeing, and help you make better […]

Buy Roasted mix Seeds online for a refreshing mid-day Snack

V. R. Industries delivers a dose of comforting mid-day or morning treats to your doorstep, which will turn your lethargic day breaks into energetic ones. Roasted mix seeds by 8AM comprise the nutritional goodness of an impressive range of healthy seeds. To make your snack break light, speedy, and nutritious, hurry up and buy 8AM roasted […]

Benefits of Chana

Chana characteristics  Excellent source of vegetable protein;  Richness in dietary fiber;  Promotes intestinal transit;  Increases satiety effect;  Preserves cardiovascular health.  Nutritional and caloric values of Chanas  What is a “portion” of Chanas worth?        Focus on the micronutrients contained in Chanas  Among the nutrients contained in good quantities in Chanas, we can mention […]

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