Why you should eat a handful of nuts everyday?

Are you consuming a wholesome diet?

Whether good or bad, a diet can influence several processes inside your body apart from your weight. A healthy diet is notably critical for your body to operate correctly. Along with a heavy breakfast, nuts should also be an irreplaceable component of your daily diet.

Given below are some of the most impressive health advantages of nuts that will convince you to add them to your shopping list.

Keep Appetite Pains at Bay

The break within the meals gives you a cause to eat a huge volume of calories. At
the same interval, you are most likely to consume unhealthy snacks that can
harm your well-being and attach undesirable calories to your menu.

Nuts are a classic snack if you want to overcome hunger throbs. All you have to do is – grab a handful of nuts from the Golden Gate Nut Company and add some healthy calories.

Helps you shed extra pounds

The first and most important rule of shedding weight is consuming the right diet and in the right quantity. Nuts can be beneficial to you in these times, especially if you
want to lose much weight.

Nuts can have you satisfied for longer, which can assist in the loss of weight. However, nuts are too filled with calories. So, you must be extra careful when you decide on the quantity.

Boost your Heart Health

Nuts can influence several parts that can assist you in boosting heart health. Including nuts to your daily diet will help you take care of your heart. They are stuffed with antioxidants that can help you in this mission.

Walnuts and almonds are pretty well-known for the perks they provide for greater heart well-being. A tiny amount of nuts can give you very unexpected and positive results.

Storage house for various nutrients

Nuts are filled with various vital vitamins and minerals. Consuming nuts will give you several micro-nutrients too. Take dry fruits & nuts and mix it. You can further add your favourite seeds and dried fruits to increase the benefits.

Even a tiny portion of this mixture will offer you a diversity of nutrients in just one serving.

Source Plant Protein and Good Fats

We all know that protein is an indispensable part of a healthy diet, but how can you increase the intake if you don’t consume meat? For all vegetarians reading this blog, nuts are an excellent source of plant protein.

Along with protein, you must also focus on healthy fats. Fats must also be a vital part of your daily menu.

But what are the best nuts that you should prefer? Here’s is the answer:

Roasted almonds, honey sesame almondsroasted cashew, and roasted pistachio are healthy and tasty nuts you can introduce into your diet.


Almond is the highest source of calcium when compared to other kinds of nuts. They are alsorich in fibre, vitamin E, and magnesium. Almonds further help in lowering the
level of cholesterol and decrease the chance of heart illness. It can also protect you from diabetes.


Cashews include a high volume of iron, magnesium (even more than almonds), and Oleic acid (just like olive oil). They help prevent serious medical issues such as cancer, support a wholesome heart, and healthy bones, and considering they have high
copper elements; they are also good for your skin and hair.


The most significant amount of folates compared to any other nut can be found in peanuts. Folates are necessary for brain growth and should be given to kids in their growing age.

Peanuts are similarly rich in Vitamin E. They promote a healthy pregnancy, thanks to the high folates and assist in minimizing the risk of congenital disabilities. Peanuts are also famous for boosting memory power, combats depression, and
degrade heart disease.

About Golden Gate Nut Company

Nuts from Golden Gate Nut Company come with various health benefits. Just a handful of these precious gems will serve as a powerhouse of all necessary vitamins and minerals. There is a huge variety of nuts you can choose from according to your preference.

Further, you can also mix a few flavours and create a mixture of your own and enjoy it as your perfect snack. You can skip those unhealthy meals and opt for something wholesome like nuts from Golden Gate Nut Company.

Golden Gate Roasted & Salted nuts are filled with protein and antioxidants. They are roasted in-house under an entirely controlled environment, to be served fresh to the consumers. High in nutritional value, nuts are secured from the top producers, are laboratory examined, and stuffed most hygienically.

They help you maintain your good cholesterol, decrease triglycerides, and control your sugar level. They further promote bone strength and aid in establishing connective tissue.

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