Buy Roasted mix Seeds online for a refreshing mid-day Snack

V. R. Industries delivers a dose of comforting mid-day or morning treats to your doorstep, which will turn your lethargic day breaks into energetic ones. Roasted mix seeds by 8AM comprise the nutritional goodness of an impressive range of healthy seeds. To make your snack break light, speedy, and nutritious, hurry up and buy 8AM roasted mix seeds combo online! The innovative zip pack for mixed seed combo keeps the seeds airtight and can be sealed back after each use.
8AM pledges to deliver genuinely superior, nutritious, healthy and flavoursome richness in all cereals and snacks for breakfast. V.R. Industries (P) Ltd. is a company run by an ex-serviceman and is also the preferred brand of the Armed Forces of India. 8AM, a brand by V.R. Industries (P) Ltd. has the widest variety of breakfast cereals manufactured in-house. The company is proud to be Indian and is also working on an initiative to help people meet their nutritional requirements in rural areas.

What is V. R. Industries (P) Ltd?

V.R. Industries (P) Ltd. is an ISO 22000 certified company established in 1986. The company strives hard to deliver the most hygienically manufactured high quality breakfast cereals, healthy snacks and dry fruits and nuts. While it constantly experiments with the tastes and flavours for the products like CornflakesMuesli, Cashews, Almonds & Edible seeds to bring the irresistible breakfast & snacks range.     

By purchasing roasted mix seeds online, you can take advantage of V.R. Industries Pvt Ltd exceptional items, and avail of the incredible health benefits provided by the rustic combination of roasted grains. It is made of different balanced edibles with rich and authentic dried and roasted seeds and maintains the promise of world-class marking and A-grade status.

V.R. Industries (P) Ltd has revolutionized quick and easy breakfast ideas to a whole new degree of goodness. By ordering the roasted mix seeds online, which improves your immunity, a tasty snack break is guaranteed. It is an excellent snack to munch on while working or while you are on the move. In addition, you can also enjoy roasted mixed seeds by V.R. Industries (P) Ltd by adding them to your favourite meals and experiment with the recipes.  

8AM mixed roasted seeds- Wondering what this packet of roasted seeds has inside?

Well, one pack of 8AM roasted mix seeds combo, offers you Health, fitness, taste, and satisfaction.

We are sure that by now you would like to know the ingredients of the 8AM Mixed Seeds Combo. Well, here is the secret formula for 8AM Mixed Seeds Combo, it’s dried and carefully nurtured mix seeds that have Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Flax Seeds, Sesame Seeds, Peanuts, Soya Sauce, & Antioxidant (INS 320). All these seeds are blended, mixed, and roasted to give you the crunch and taste of wellness.

These seeds are rich in nutrition, vitamins, and omega fats. These seeds provide you with essential proteins, are low in carbohydrates, and are cholesterol-free. Because of this nature, it should be your ultimate option to buy the 8AM roasted mix seeds combo online if you are trying to eat something good, crunchy, nutritious, and diet-friendly at the same time. As they make for a perfect break snack, you can enjoy this pack when studying, reading, or in the morning, after getting out of bed!

The seeds chosen by V.R. Industries (P) Ltd to be added to this package are excellent sources of natural fiber, thereby enhancing your digestive function. They also contain monounsaturated fats and several essential vitamins to preserve vital organs such as the skin, lungs, and heart (overall circulation of non-toxic blood). Besides, these 8AM roasted mixed seeds also have essential minerals that are beneficial for general health and are definitely good antioxidants.

Seeds can further help decrease blood sugar levels and maintain blood pressure when ingested as part of a balanced diet.

With such an insane plethora of crazy health benefits, buying these roasted seeds online is a smart choice if you wish to upgrade your dietary habits and include a nutritious snack in your meal plans. So go ahead and buy this ultimate pack of roasted mix seeds online by 8AM and enjoy a light and breezy fitness snack that is so satisfying, you’ll want to finish the entire pack at once!

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