What are the 5 healthiest meals to have for breakfast?

What are the 5 healthiest meals to have for breakfast?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, there’s nothing new to this statement. But let’s be honest, do you really have your breakfast considering it to be the most energy-fuelling meal of the day?

Healthy has a new definition!

Making yourself a nutritious breakfast every morning can be quite a task following the daily office or school commute. Owing to this, you not only need to consider the balanced nutrients but also check if the meal fits in your clock for the day. A ready-to-go proportional breakfast is the new healthy when it comes to making sure that you are waking up your body the right way. Your everyday breakfast meal is responsible for breaking your long night fasting period which again makes a health-filled breakfast an obligation for your body to keep going.

Feed your body well!

Ever thought about how much our body gets us through? All it’s asking for is a healthy start to keep you going for that office presentation of yours.

Here is the list of the 5 healthiest breakfast options that would get to your breakfast table in no time.

Overnight soaked-oats

“When we don’t get it out of the hard way, we take the road to the smart way”.

This is exactly what overnight soaked oats are about. Amidst the hustle of being on time everywhere, it’s impractical to plan a time-consuming meal for your breakfast. But does that mean you can go on compromising your health for it? It’s a hard line no!

Oatmeal makes up for one of the most traditional breakfast meals. So what exactly are the oats rich in? From the right amount of carbs and proteins to high fibre and good fats, a bowl of oats turns out to be rich in essential vitamins and minerals.

This balanced breakfast comes with multiple health benefits. Being rich in antioxidants,  oats have been a very popular choice among individuals wanting to regulate their blood sugar levels. It’s a perfect meal to improve your gut health and digestion.

What’s with the overnight soaking?

Soaking the oats overnight is not a hard and fast rule before relishing it for your breakfast.

However, it undoubtedly levels up your meal in so many ways. Soaking oats in a bowl of water reduces the volume of a specific acid by breaking it down into smaller quantities.

This eventually increases the number of good bacteria making them extremely easy to digest.

The Creamy texture comes as a bonus!

Do you know what happiness is? When healthy and tasty come in the same sentence. The soft and creamy texture of oats is all that you want for your breakfast. And here’s the secret, if you are planning to shed some pounds, soaking the oats overnight can be more friendly to your weight management than simply cooking the raw oats for consumption.

With 8 AM’s highly nutritious and crunchy oats, we have created a wholesome package to healthify your mornings. Its creamy texture and soft grains will melt in your mouth in no time. Our range of oatmeal breakfast is also available in different flavours and gluten-free versions. That’s your cue to grab the offer now.

A bowl of crispy muesli is a soulful combination of oats and seeds topped with the goodness of crunchy nuts and dried fruits.

If you are planning to go for a less-sugary breakfast option then do a favour and treat yourself to muesli.

Along with being a rich source of omega-3 acids and Iron, muesli contains all the essential vitamins including vitamin-A, K, E and C. Keeping in view its high vitamin-B and antioxidant properties, muesli possesses exceptional benefits for your hair, skin and heart health.

Is Muesli a go-to breakfast meal?

Certainly, it is. When it comes to deciding the side ingredient for blending your muesli with, the list would want you to grab a bowl right away.

Muesli with Milk

You can put together your 8AM’s nutrient-loaded muesli with both hot and cold milk. The choice is yours! Take a bowl of milk, sprinkle our fine muesli, top it with the crunchy nuts, or fruity berries and get ready to nourish your body with the breakfast it long-awaited. Your body deserves it.

Muesli with yoghurt

If you have never tried muesli with yoghurt, then the blend might sound unrealistic to you.

But trust us, coupling muesli with yoghurt is realistically fascinating in all ways possible.

Take a bowl full of fresh yoghurt, top it with the extra crunch of berries, load it with your favourite nuts and finely chopped fruit chunks. Your breakfast is ready to be devoured.


Do you, too, envy your friends who can eat anything without gaining any extra pounds? Not any more. Metabolic rate plays a significant role in aiding you with weight loss.

Quinoa is a protein-rich seed that belongs to one of the most traditional plant families. 

It’s an ideal breakfast meal that boosts your metabolic rate. A breakfast meal is consumed at the beginning of your day and should give you a feeling of fullness throughout.  This is exactly what quinoa is best at. In addition to defeating all your hunger pangs for the day, this breakfast meal is a gluten-free option that gives you a guilt-free snacking option. 

How can you eat quinoa?

The options are vibrant. From blending it with your everyday morning smoothie to treating yourselves to a cooked meal, what matters is how it feels nice to you. 

Cooked quinoa with yoghurt is the most preferred option if you are looking for a wholesome meal at the start of the day. 

Being a full-fledged meal still doesn’t make quinoa any less of a snackable option. 

From adding it to your desserts to making fritter-filled quinoa bars out of it, go that extra mile and make your breakfast as creatively healthy as possible. 


This corn-made cereal is a very familiar preference for everyday breakfast in both teens and adults. 

However, the meal has had its share of doubts when it comes to its daily consumption for breakfast. A bowl of cornflakes makes up for a low-calorie diet ideal for the individuals inclined to keep their weight on track. 

Being a light eating option, cornflakes are perfect for your mid-meal munching to combat the hunger pangs. 

When it comes to nutrients, cornflakes might not be as good as meals like oatmeal or muesli. Nevertheless, it holds a decent amount of proteins that boost your immunity and keeps you energetic for the day. 

Compared to other food options containing high fatty acids, the crunchy fusion of cornflakes and milk counts as a  low-cholesterol diet making a healthy breakfast for people experiencing heart problems. 

Nutrition Experts at 8AM make certain to create the healthiest version of cornflakes. If you are looking for a light, gluten-free and energy-giving breakfast, grab 8AM’s package of cornflakes in vibrant fruity flavours now. 

Avocado Toast

Looking at the latest food trends, Avocado has managed to get itself on the top of the most preferred breakfast lists. 

If you are looking for a lifestyle change to begin your mornings with something both luxuriously healthy and trendy then Avocado toast is going to be your absolute go-to. 

The only things you need are the bread slices of your choice and Avocado(well, duh!)

Enriched with the goodness of antioxidants, an average-sized avocado happens to contain more potassium than the banana itself. Being rich in fibre, it’s again a perfect choice for those planning to align weight loss with their meals. 

Eat it how you want!

With Avocado toast, you can never go wrong. Mashed avocados evenly spread on your favourite bread slice gives a creamy and delicious taste to freshen up your mornings. 

When it comes to peppering the toast, you can top it with a pinch of salt to have a crisp and toasty flavour. 

You can also blend it with a sauce of your choice to couple your toast with. If you have saved enough time for breakfast then feel free to drizzle your meal with healthy chunks of fruits or veggies you like. 

Happy Breakfasting!

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